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Mezzojuso still preserves its ancient and incredible costumes and traditions.

Mezzojuso was founded in the 15th century by a group of Albanians and was named Menzil Jusuf. Today Mezzojuso still preserves the costumes and traditions that demonstrate the union of this ancient colonization and ancient Sicilian typical culture. The most important monuments of Mezzojuto are:
the Church of Annunziata is Latin church built with a 18th century style; the Church of San Nicola, a Greek church, holds impressive Byzantine works of art dating back to the 16th century; the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie includes the popular Restoration Workshop of Ancient Books; the Castle, built in 1600; the Permanent Exhibition of the most famous Historical Carnival in Sicily where you can discover the most relevant folkloristic events in Sicily; the Museum of Sicilian Puppets.

People live here:



Sagra della Castagna, Food Festival

The Carnival, traditional festivity


Villa Priolo  Apartments  

Agriresort Crapa Licca

Country House Case Varisco


Agriturismo Carcilupo 

Contrada Carcilupo – SS 121 bivio Campofelice di Fitalia

Mezzojuso (PA)

Ph. 091 8200225

Santa Lucia Ristorante Pizzeria

Contrada Cardonera Bosco

Mezzojuso (PA)

Ph.091 8 203870

Nocella Ristorante Pizzeria

Contrada Nocilla

Mezzojuso (PA)

Ph.091 8 203880

Canzoneri G. Ristorante

Contrada Cardonera

Ph.091 8203870


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