Province of Messina

Milazzo has ancient origins and thanks to its wonderful natural environment it prospered under the Greek domination. 

Milazzo, as many other cities in Sicily, was conquered by different populations through time. Each one of them, starting from the Neolithic Era, left a sign of its presence in the culture and architecture of the village. The town was founded by Greeks in 716 BC and its territory, named Aurea Chersoneso, was characterised by valleys and vegetation with a mild and temperate weather. According to the legend, this marvellous landscape was a perfect location for the Greek Gods to sojourn in.

The archeological findings show the existence of four necropolis dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and from the Greek-Roman periods. Moreover, many remains from the Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Angevin and Spanish civilisations were found around the village. Under the Byzantine domination, Milazzo became one of the first episcopal sees in Sicily. Later, it was conquered by Arabs who fortified it turning the town into an important commercial and agricultural centre.

The most important monuments of the village are the Church of San Papino, built by a group of monks in 1620 on the ruins of an ancient Renascence church; the Trifiletti Theatre, built in 1912, hosted the greatest performers of classical music, prose and comedy; the Villa Vaccarino Milazzo is a wonderful example of Art Nouveau building created in 1929; the New Mother Church, dedicated to the patron saint of the village Santo Stefano,is a modern building created in 1951; the Church Santa Maria Maggiore, erected between 1610 and 1621, has a Neoclassical facade and Rococò interior; the Santuario di San Francesco da Paola, built in 1718; the Church of San Giacomo, erected in 1434; the Milazzo Castle is considered as one of the biggest castle in Sicily rising on the ruins of the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab settlements; the Mela Fountain, created in 1643; the Statua della Libertà, made by the local sculptor Francesco Greco in 1897; the Palazzo d’Amico is an ancient aristocratic building erected in the 18th century characterised by impressive Sicilian tile floors and wonderful frescos; the Polifemo Cave, located near the Castle, is a deep cavern and according to the legend it was the house of the famous Polifemo who was killed by Ulysses in the Odyssey.

Moreover the Antiquarium is an Archaeological site where it is possible to discover many local findings dating back to the Neolithic and Byzantine ages; the Tonnara Museum includes parts of old boats, objects, documents, pictures and tools used by sailors to fish tunas over time.

People live here:


It is famous for:

the Italian admiral Luigi Rizzo

the engineer  Domenico Ryolo

the Italian Air Force pilot  Max Raphael Scale

the Pope Leo II

the architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini

the actor Lorenzo Crespi

the writer Stefano D’Arrigo

the director and writer Aurelio Grimaldi

the writer, journalist, art critic Joseph-Marie Lo Duca

the journalist and writer Riccardo Orioles


Eggplant Festival (8/08) food festival

Gara di nuoto nazionale 1° trofeo Baia S. Antonio & Il miglio di Milazzo, sport festival

Verdeinfesta is an event that takes place in the Milazzo Castle with the aim to promote the sustainable living

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina, Catania and Palermo

Get on SS113 or A20 exit Milazzo

By Train:

It is possible to rich the village getting the regional trains to Milazzo

By Ferry:

The village is linked to the main Italian cities; here the most important  transport companies:

Navigazione Generale Italiana


Ustica Lines

By Plane:

The nearest airports are Stretto di Reggio Calabria airport, Fontanarossa International Airport of Catania, Falcone-Borsellino Airport of Palermo


Hotel Milazzo 4*

Hotel San Michele 4*

Hotel La Bussola 3*

B&B Il Cocus  3*

Petit hotel 3*


La Chicca Hotel 3*

Hotel Medici 3*

Il Vicolo Bed and Breakfast 3*

Hotel Il Principe 4*

Bed and Breakfast Villa Gabbiana

Via Roccazze 6, 98057 Milazzo ME

Mobile: +39 348 364 2321

Eolian Milazzo Hotel 4*

Hotel Garibaldi 3*

Resort Lumarò

B&B Fiorello 3*

Solaris B&B 3*

La Rotonda B&B

Via Maio Mariano, 76, 98057 Milazzo ME

Ph. +39 090 922 4905

B&B Casa Cento 3*

Il Sogno apartments

B&B L’Alberghetto 3*

B&B La Suite 2*

B&B Maredomus  3*

B&B L’Antico Borgo  2*

B&B Al Duomo 3*

B&B Phenicusa

B&B Baia Tono 3*

B&B La Contrada degli ulivi 3*

B&B Il vicolo 3*

B&B Casantica

Hotel Esperia  3*

Hotel Riviera Lido  3*

La Chicca Palace Hotel 4*

Cassisi Hotel 4*

Locanda del Bagatto 3*


Gambero Rosso Milazzo

Ristorante Doppio Gusto

U scheletru

Via Dottor Raffaele Colosi, 25, 98057 Milazzo, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 090 9240410

Pizzeria Al Duomo

Doppio Zero

La Trinacria

Via Cumbo Borgia n 7, 98057 Milazzo, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 3456504898

Toto Passami L’Olio

Antichi sapori

Via Umberto I 174, 98057 Milazzo, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 090 9249096

Trattoria la Casalinga 

Via riccardo d’amico 13  Milazzo

Ph. +39 090 922 2697

Ristorante Al Pescatore

Via Marina Garibaldi, 176 Milazzo

Ph. +39 090 928 6595

Pizzeria Aumm Aumm


Milazzo Beach