Province of Catania

Milo is located in the province of Catania and is characterized by wonderful chestnut and pine woods.

The ancient village of Milo was founded by  the Duke Giovanni d’Aragona in 1340. Later, the feudal town was included in the village of Mascali until 1815. Between 1950 and 1951 Milo was destroyed by a tremendous volcanic eruption and its citizens were forced to take refuge in the nearby towns. Today the colors of Giovanni d’ Aragona ( orange and yellow ) are present in the crest of the town mixed with the Cross of S. Andrea who is the patron saint of the village. The most important cultural attractions of the village are the Botanical Garden; the Scarbaglio Park characterized by Chestnut and pine woods and the Church of Sant’Andrea, built in the 17th century on the ruins of the ancient church erected by Giovanni d’Aragona, has three naves and a very simple and minimalistic facade.

People live here: 



Festa di Sant’Andrea, holy festivity

Vinimilo Sagra dei Vini dell’Etna (5-6/09 and 12-13/09) wine festival                                                                                                                                                               Sagra del Fungo Porcino (September) food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on SP to San Giovanni La Punta, Viagrande, Zafferana Etnea exit  Milo; or follow  Autostrada to Messina exit Giarre and continue to Macchia di Giarre, Miscarello.

By Bus:

From Catania

piazza Giovanni XXIII


Ph.+39 095 7461096

From Acireale

piazza Agostino Pennisi

Bus Zappala & Torrisi

Ph. +39 095 7647139

From Riposto

piazza San Pietro

Bus Buda

Ph. +39 095 931905


Wine Resort Villagrande 5*

B&B A Rinazzu 

B&B Dimora dell’Etna 

Country House Le Case del Merlo

B&B Mongibello

Via Mongibello, 3A, Milo CT, Italy
Ph. +39 095 955228

Guest House Loriana

Via Salice 5, 95010 Milo, Sicily, Italy

Il Nido delle Aquile dell’Etna

Via S. Giacomo, 113, 95019 Zafferana Etnea CT, Italy
Mobile:+39 388 832 0000

B&B Bellini


Azienda Vinicola Barone di Villagrande 

                                                                                                                                                                    4 Archi 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ristorante Profumi dell’Etna 

Strada Provinciale Milo Linguaglossa, 15, 95010 Sant’Alfio CT, Italy
Mobile: +39 340 691 2307    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Ristorante Da Rinuccio

Strada Mareneve, 95010 Milo, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 3453883542

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