Province of Messina

Mirto in part of the province of Messina and is a charming little village rich in beautiful ancient churches.

The village of Mirto originates in the late Middle Ages. Later in 1408 the village was acquired by Angellotto di Larcan. Among the many lords who ruled the feudal town Count of San Marco, Riccardo Filangieri and Antonio Branciforte deserve mentioning for their large contribution to the old town centre’s growth. The most significant events of the last centuries are the same as the entire province. The most important cultural attractions of the village are The Capuchin Monastery; the Church of S.Maria del Gesù, the Church of Crocifisso which has a wonderful main entrance with a medieval style; the Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo includes a wooden crucifix made by Frà Umile da Petralia in 17th century; the Costume and Fashion Museum displays a collection of dresses through an historical itinerary.

People live here:


How to get there:

By Car:

Get on A20/E90 to SP157 in Rocca di Capri Leone. Take exit Rocca di Capri Leone-Capo d’Orlando Ovest from A20/E90. Follow SP157 to Via Umberto I/SP156 in Mirto.

By Train:

the nearest station is Sant’Agata di Militello


Case Di Alice E Medea

Via Umberto I, 122, 98070 Mirto, Italia


Pizzeria Manhattan  

Via Provinciale, 98070 Mirto ME

Ph. 0039 0941 919420


Rocca di Capri Leone

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