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Misilmeri is a charming medieval town which is famous for its traditional food festivals.  

The charming tiny village of Misilmeri has Arab origins dating back to 1068. Later the feudal town was ruled by the most important noble families in Sicily such as the Chiaromonte, the Aiutamicristo and the Bosco. The most important cultural attractions of the village are:
the Mother Church of S.Giovanni Battista, built in 1553, has a very beautiful facade; the New Church built in 1919; the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi built in 1576; the Castle of Emir, built in 1018 by the Emir Giafar II; the Archaeological site of Pizzo Cannita.

People live here:


It is famous for:

the philosopher Cosmo Guastella

the founder Domenican Nuns of San Sisto Madre Antonia Lalia


Sagra del Kaki, food festival

Fiera Arte e Sapori, traditional food festival

Palio dei Sestrieri, traditional food festival

Sagra dell’olio e della salsiccia, food festival

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Get on SS121 to Agrigento, exit Misilmeri/ Belmonte Mezzagno


Hotel Miravalle 


B&B Hannina 

via Roccapalumba 2, 90036 Misilmeri, Italia

Ph.+39 0917843299 – +39  3664313451


La Veranda Ristorante 

Via Gaetano Pellingra, 18 90036 Misilmeri Palermo

Ph. 091 872 2737

Le Pigne Pizzeria 

Via Gaetano Pellingra, 9, 90036 Misilmeri PA

Ph. 091 873 2134

Il Rusticotto


Pizzeria alla Botte  

Via Mariano Scaduto, 14, 90036

Ph. 091 873 3570

I sapori di Polly


Da Marino 

via S. Giuseppe 91, 9003

Mobile: 3462100037

Ai Giardini di Paolo  

Via della Zagara,

Ph.091 8722527

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