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Monreale is a wonderful village which is famous worldwide for the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova and its monastery. 

Thanks to its cathedral, Monreale, the Arab – Norman site of Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalu have been declared as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO site in 2015. Monreale overlooks the valley and due to this strategic function Arabs built their stronghold there. The beauty of the town is strongly connected to the Norman period, and was made famous worldwide for the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova and its monastery. Built in 1174 by Guglielmo II, it is considered a magnificent building with its Byzantine mosaics, a work of art rich in history and artistic influences. Close to the Duomo, the Cloister of the Benedictine convent is an astonishing example of  Byzantine architecture.

Monreale also provides two interesting museums, the Museo Diocesano, opened in 2011 and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Giuseppe Sciortino.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The poets Antonio Veneziano (1543 – 1593), Giuseppe Fedele (1878 – 1941)

The painters Pietro Novelli (1603 – 1647), Terruso Xavier (1939-2003), Antonio Leto (1844 – 1913)Silvio Guardì (1945 – 1999)

The Archbishops Francesco Maria Testa (1704 – 1773), Antonio Augusto Intreccialagli (1852 – 1924),Cataldo Naro (1951-2006)

The philosophers Vincenzo Miceli (1733 – 1781), Benedict D’Acquisto (1790 – 1868)

The violin maker Vincenzo Panormo (1734 – 1813)

The actor Antonio Spinnato (1952- 2009)

The cyclists Guido Messina (1931), Patellaro Benedict (1960)

The coach and former player Casisa Francis (1943)

The singer Frankie Laine

The priest Gaetano Millunzi (1859 – 1920)


Settimana Musica Sacra a Monreale, sacred music festival

How to get there:

From Palermo

By Car

from the Falcone-Borsellino – Punta Raisi Palermo airport

A29 Catania – Messina

By Bus

Bus n. 109, 824, 108 from Piazza Indipendenza, Palermo


Hotel Guglielmo 4*

B&B Rocca di Monreale 3*

B&B Al Giardino

Locanda Re Ruggero 2*

Hotel Palazzo Ducale Suites 3*

Hotel Baglio Conca d’Oro 4*

B&B Hotel Duomo

B&B Elvira al Duomo 3*

B&B La Collegiata

B&B Villa Montereale 3*

B&B La Piazzetta

Genoardo Park Hotel 4*

via Aquino, 126, 90046 Monreale PA 

Ph. +39 091 6466599  

B&B Domus Notari 3*

B&B Monreale


Taverna del Pavone

Osteria pub Peper’s  Bricco e Bracco   

Poggio Normanno

La prateria dello zio Sam  



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