Monterosso Almo

Province of Ragusa

Monterosso Almo is a tiny village which offers some important cultural attractions such as a series of beautiful Baroque churches.

Thanks to the archaeological findings discovered in this area, it is possible to date back the origin of Monterosso Almo to the 6th – 7th century BC when it was dominated by Romans and Arabs, until Ruggiero the Count of Adone destroyed them conquering the area. Enrico II Rosso started to renovated and improve the town but the 1693 earthquake destroyed every part of this settlement.

Today this charming village offers some important cultural attractions such as a series of beautiful ancient churches:

the Church of S.Giovanni Battista built in XVI, the Church of Matrice di Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate which includes precious paintings and the Church of Sant’Anna which holds incredible frescos dating back to the 1649.

People live here:


Typical food:

u ciciruocculu”, a traditional legume

The bread


Sagra del Pane  bread food festival;

Sagra dello Scaccione  food festival;

Slalom di Monterosso Almo;

How to get there:

From Catania,

take A19 to Siracusa and then follow the SS194, exit Monterosso Almo


B&B ALMO 3 *

Via p. di Piemonte n. 1

Ph: 0039 333 3345756

B&B Dinastia 3 *


Via V. Emanuele n. 82

Ph: 0039 339 4047153


Al Ristoro

Contrada Casale, Monterosso Almo, RG 97010

Ph: 0039 0932 977564;

Al Casale Ristorante

Via Giovanni Paolo II, 1, Monterosso Almo RG

Ph: 0039 0932 977542;

Da Parrino

Contrada Stazione, 97010 Monterosso Almo, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: 0039 331 2819224;



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