Motta d’Affermo

Province of Messina

Motta d’Affermo is a village located in the charming province of Messina which is rich in history and traditions.

Motta d’Affermo is a small and charming village which was founded in the Middle Age. During the reign of King Martin I the ancient village was ruled by several local feudal lords. Later in the 16th century its administration was managed by Vincenzo Bonajuto. The most important monuments of the village are the Castle built in 1260; the Church of Madonna delle Grazie, erected in 1649, includes a rare painting made by Cinisi Giuseppe Brusca in 1823; the Church of Maria SS. Annunziata, built in 1850; the Mother Church created in the 14th century; the Piramide 38° Parallelo is a modern sculpture made by Mauro Staccioli in 2010.

People live here:



Festa di San Rocco, it is an holy festivity which celebrates the Patron Saint of the village

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on A20 PA-ME exit Tusa. Take SS 113 to Messina exit Fiumara. Take SP 176 and SP 173, exit Motta d’Affermo


Masseria Maggiore 4* 

Hotel Casa Migliaca 3*      

Country House L’ Uliveto 4*   



Pizzeria Barberi S.A.S. Di Bartolo Barberi Frandanisa  

12, Via Nazionale, Motta D’affermo, Me 98070,

Ph. 0039 0921 339573


Marina di Caronia


Castel di Tusa

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