Motta Sant’Anastasia

Province of Catania

Motta Sant’Anastasia is an ancient village rich in history and in incredible cultural attractions such as its Mother Church and its Castle. 

The village of Motta Sant’Anastasia has ancient Greek origins dating back to the 4th – 5th century BC. This small town was later conquered by Romans, testified by some coins and mosaics discovered in the area during the Archaeological digs in 1954.
Its name derives from the pre-Roman word Motta and the Greek-Byzantine name Anastasia and its meanings indicate the nature of the place and the typical high elevations of the territory. Since the period of Dionysius, Motta Sant’Anastasia played a very important role as a stronghold, and this role grew during the Norman period when Roger D’Altavilla built another watchtower to defend Catania and its surrounding area from the Saracen incursions. The most important monuments of the village are the Castle where you can still visit the cisterns, the jail, the troops’ accommodation and the Motta Tower which was built between 1070 and 1074 by Roger I; and the Mother Church, erected in the 13th century, is a typical example of Sicilian Byzantine architecture. The church was completely renovated in the 15th and 16th century including new precious works of art such as the inlaid marble altar and the wonderful painting of Madonna del Rosario made by the School of Antonello da Messina.

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Feste Medievali Miti e Leggende(8-16/08) Traditional Medieval Fest

Festa di Sant’Anastasia (20-25/08), holy festivity


Hotel Sigonella Inn 3*

Valle degli Ulivi 3*

Motta Residence Hotel 4*

Country House Tenuta Giarretta

B&B Etna Charme 


Ristorante Valentino 

Corso Sicilia, 12,

Ph.+39 095 307348

Donna Fortunata

Spaghetti House

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 154, 95040

L’Angolo dei Sapori

Days Inn Pub Sigonella

Contrada Fontanazza SS 192, 95040 Motta Sant’Anastasia, Sicily, Italy

Ph. +39 095 713 0222

Pizzeria Paradise

Corso Sicilia, 4, Motta Sant’Anastasia CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 308225

Ristorante degli Amici 

Si Mangia

Corso Sicilin 8, 95040 Motta Sant’Anastasia, Sicilia, Italia


Via Firenze 24, 95040 Motta Sant’Anastasia, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +393932222543

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