Province of Messina

Naso offers interesting cultural attraction such as the wonderful Baroque Mother Church and the Sacred Art Museum.

The village of Naso has medieval origins and it was ruled by some of the most important feudal lords in Sicily who created the old town centre and its main economic activities. Later in 1094, the village was donated to the Monastery of San Bartolomeo of Lipari and Patti. The most important monuments of the village are the Baroque Mother Church, dedicated to the SS Apostoli Filippo and Giordano, includes impressive works of art created in the 16th century; the Church of Santissimo Salvatore, built in the 16th century, includes precious paintings and frescos dating back to the 17th century; the Church of Santa Maria del Gesù, built in the 15th century; the Sacred Art Maueum, located in the “Catacombs of San Cono”, was opened to the public in May 2002 with the aim to preserve and promote the knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage collected from local churches.

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Naskers – Buskers Festival , Street Art Festival

Chirstmas Market

How to get there:

By Car: 

From Messina

Get on Messina – Palermo, exit Brolo. Take SS113 to Palermo, exit Randazzo

From Palermo

Get on Palermo – Messina, exit Rocca di Capri Leone. Take SS113 to Messina, exit Randazzo


Casa vacanze Gàttina

Contrada Gattina 11/a, Naso

Mobile: 0039 328 474 7395

B&B delle Palme 3* 


Osteria/Pizzeria/Bed & Breakfast delle Palme

Tipica Trattoria Nasense 

Piazza Francesco Lo Sardo, 4, 98074 Naso, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: 0039 328 4334908

Ristorente La Perla 

La Stella Dei Nebrodi Ristorante 

Contrada Cresta, Naso ME

Mobile: 0039 327 841 0204



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