Province of Catania

Nicolosi is a tiny village located in the province of Catania which is rich in wonderful holy places such has its Mother Church of Santo Spirito. 

The name of Nicolosi probably derives from the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicola, located in its territory since 1359. Throughout the period before the Norman domination (1061-1091), its territory was occupied by impressive forests. Later, Roger I conquered Sicily after defeating Arabs and partitioned the country into many feudal towns which he entrusted to his soldiers, the Church and the Order of the Benedictines. In this way, he and his successors were able to take advantage from the plantations controlling the economy of the island. The village has impressive holy places such as the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, built in the 16th century on the ruins of the ancient Parish Church, has been renovated and redesigned after the 1669 eruption which completely destroyed the ancient church; the 18th century Mother Church of Santo Spirito designed by Sicilian architect Vaccarini with a majestic Baroque style, it’s one of many “black churches” located in the Etna territory, characterized by impressive lava stone decorations and cornices; the Monastery of San Nicola, built in 1359, has a small portico with wonderful frescos. Before the violent 1669 eruption, this sacred building had a long path flanked by crenellated walls which lead to the main entrance of the monastery including a precious Baroque arch made with white stone, on which was carved the coat of arms of the building.

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How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on A19 Palermo-Catania. Take RA15/E45 to Catania, exit SP10 Gravina Etna and continue on Nicolosi.

From Messina and Catania

Get on A18 Messina-Catania, exit Catania Nord and take RA15/E45 exit SP10 Gravina. Continue to Nicolosi.


B&B La Porta dell’Etna 

B&B Notti e Dintorni 

La Casa del Poeta dell’Etna

Hotel Corsaro 4* 

B&B Etna House 

Villa Michelangelo 3* 

B&B L’Angolo dei Sogni 

B&B La Rena Rossa 

Villa Elena 3*  

B&B Il Cerchio 

B&B Al Centro Storico

La Giara 

Rifugio Sapienza 3* 

B&B Sotto il Vulcano 3*   

Hotel Ai Pini 3* 



Via Fratelli Gemmellaro 122, 95030 Nicolosi, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 391 1174956

Antichi Proverbi 

Il Giardino 

Via Etnea, 1, 95030 Nicolosi CT, Italy
Ph. +39 347 508 7712

Casale Serra Pizzuta 

Rosso di Sera 

L’Osteria del Siciliano 

Cinque Sensi 

Volcano House 

Via Cesare Battisti, 28 | Museo Vulcanologico dell’Etna, 95030 Nicolosi, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 3489755287

Al Però 

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 68, Nicolosi CT, Italy
Ph.+39 095 791 8513

1877 Osteria Tipica Risotteria Panineria 

Mien Ristorante 

L’ Orlando Furioso 

7+ Ristorante 

Viale della Regione, 7, 95030 Nicolosi CT, Italy
Ph.+39 095 791 6316

Flora Pizza e Cucina 

Via oasi San Bernardo 8, 95030 Nicolosi, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 095 910176

Osteria Garibaldi 

Al Buongustaio

Via Vitaliano Brancati, 12, 95030 Nicolosi CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 911792

Oro dell’Etna 

Viale della Regione, 27, Nicolosi CT, Italy

Ph.+39 095 586 0993

Rosemary’s Pub 

Via Garibaldi 1/3 | Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 95032 Nicolosi, Sicily, Italy

Ph. +39 095 286 8301

Antico Orto dei Limoni 

Le Tartarughe