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Uncovering Sicilian heritage & culture: Caltanissetta

Discover all the smallest towns and villages close to the province you want to visit, and plan your tour through these amazing tiny towns rich in history and culture. Find out more information about the most important attractions and local traditions and enhance your unconventional tour of Sicily.

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Mazzarino is considered a well preserved example of Sicilian Baroque. Mazzarino was founded by Greeks in the 7th century BC and …


Marianopoli was founded by Sicilian indigenous who used to live in the area before the Greek colonisation.  Marianopoli has ancient origins, …


Delia provides a wide variety of events and traditional festival in summer. Delia has ancient origins dating back to the Arab …


Campofranco was founded in 1537 by Don Giovanni del Campo. Thanks to its fertile environment the village of Campofranco was …

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