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Uncovering Sicilian heritage & culture: Catania

Discover all the smallest towns and villages close to the province you want to visit, and plan your tour through these amazing tiny towns rich in history and culture. Find out more information about the most important attractions and local traditions and enhance your unconventional tour of Sicily.

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Must See Towns in Catania!

Castel di Judica

Castel di Judica is a charming tiny village rich in history and traditions.  Castel di Judica is located along a …


Calatabiano is a charming tiny village located in the province of Catania where it is possible to rich the beautiful …


Biancavilla is a tiny village with ancient origins rich in culture and history. Thanks to the presence of natural springs …


Belpasso is a tiny medieval village located in the Province of Catania. The first village of Belpasso was founded in …

Aci Bonaccorsi

Aci Bonaccorsi has a charming ancient medieval town centre where it is possible to visit its wonderful Mother Church. The …

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