Province of Messina

Pagliara is a medieval town which is characterised by a group of typical ancient houses made with straw and branches.

The village of Pagliara was founded by a group of farmers from Fiumedinisi who created the first settlement of the village near the Santa Caterina river. They built the “pagliare”, a typical complex of houses made with straw and branches. Roger II of Altavilla, King of Sicily, created the feud town in 1130 including the settlement in the village of Savoca. Pagliara prospered in the 16th century and the precious works of art included in the Church of St. Peter and Paul and in the Church of San Sebastiano, testify the wealth of the feudal town.

People live here:



Sagra dell’olio d’oliva, Olive Oil festival

Sagra del dolce, food festival

Sagra della salsiccia, food festival

Festa della mimosa food festival

How to get there:

By Car: 

Get on A18 Messina-Catania, exit Casello di Roccalumera. Take SS114 to Messina exit Bivio in Piazza Mazzullo, Roccalumera. Continue to SP 25 to Roccalumera-Mandanici


Country House Antica Fattoria Nasita 

Hotel Main Palace 4*  

Hotel La Piramide 3* 


Ristorante Mari e Monti

C/da Piana, Rocchenere

Ph. 0039 0942 747037

Ristorante U Paloccu di Bartolo 


Furci siculo


Nizza di Sicilia

Capo Alì

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