Province of Catania

Palagonia is one of the oldest village in the province of Catania which preserves impressive testimonies of its ancient past. 

The territory of Palagonia has been inhabited since prehistoric times and it is proved by the discovery of a Palaeolithic settlement close to the current old town centre. The ancient village, named Palikè, was founded in 453 BC by Ducezio who designated it as the capital of his reign. During the Middle Ages the village was conquered by Normans, and in 1169 Roger I included Palagonia in the village of Syracuse. Between the 12th and 14th century it belonged to some of the most important aristocratic families in Sicily such as the Alagona, Ventimiglia and Passaneto. In 1407 Giacomo Gravina became lord of the feudal town which then acquired its autonomy from Syracuse. The old town centre includes some incredible holy places such as the Early Christian Basilica of San Giovanni which was built in 17th century BC, and the Church Immacolata del Convento, erected in 1592 by Ferdinando Gravina de Cruyllas and dedicated to Sant’Antonio di Padova.The church shows a late Baroque style with a large portal and two niches with stone statues representing the two Franciscan monks, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Bonaventure. The interior has a single nave highly decorated with stucco and frescoes made by the artist Giuseppe Barone in 1954.
As well Palagonia has the Mother Church of San Pietro Apostolo, built in the 11th century, it is the oldest sacred building in the village. The interior has a Latin cross plan with three naves and imposing stuccos. The main entrance is characterized by a central portal in carved stone and two secondary portals on which are displayed the coat of arms of the Gravina family, and two Latin inscriptions indicating the reconstruction of the church after the 1693 earthquake.

Close to the village it is possible to visit the ancient Pozzo Blandini, which is a building included in a complex of wells built in the 16th century to store enough water to irrigate the citrus groves.

People live here:



Festa dell’Arancia, Food festival

Festa di Santa Febronia (24/06 – 2/07) the celebration of the patron saint of the village                                                                                                                                          Live Nativity (26/12 – 6/01) Christmas festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on Autostrada A19 Palermo-Catania, exit Gerbini

Get on Autostrada Catania-Siracusa, exit Lentini-Carlentini-Ragusa


Paradiso della Zagara 3*

B&B Il Paesino

Country House Contea di Wagner 5*

Castello Camemi

NH Caltagirone Villa San Mauro 4*

B&B Tre metri sopra il cielo

Hotel Sigonella Inn 3*


Ristorante Calcagno 

Via Palermo,112, Palagonia

Grasso Santo 

Vicolo Merli, Palagonia CT, Italy
Ph. +39 095 795 4243

Ristorante Il Gattopardo

Via Ulisse, 1, Palagonia

Ph. +39 0957952699

Food Planet 

Via Circonvallazione 10, 95046 Palagonia, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0957954497

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