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Partanna is a medieval village which has impressive ancient origins dating back to the Palaeolithic Age.

The small town of Partanna has origins from the Palaeolithic period, but the current village dates back to the Middle ages. Important Archaeological studies have uncovered a great deal about the history of Partanna, for example significative graves, an intricate system of ditches, and numerous ceramics from as far back as the Bronze Age. The people who used to live in those ancient settlements knew very advanced techniques to cultivate the land, especially when they had to distribute water along the whole land. You can visit all these findings in the Archaelogical Site of Stretto Partanna. The visitor centre also hosts educational installations, exhibitions and many visitor and archaeologists services; here you can also book groups guided tours.

An other interesting monument to visit is the Grifeo Castle which hosts the Museum of Prehistory of the Lower Belice and it has archaeological, ethno-anthropological and historical-artistic sections. The basement houses the old wine cellars and is considered a highly evocative place that according to the traditions was once the only place where ice could be stored. During the summer time Partanna provides lots of traditional fetes such as the Red Onion Festival, an event organized to promote one of the most well-known foods all over Sicily; here it’s possible to taste many typical dishes made with this tasty ingredient and take part in musical performances, market stalls of handmade goods and guided tours to the Medieval Castle.

Museo Civico della Preistoria del Basso Belice
Opening Hours:
From Monday to Sunday
9.30 – 12.30 and 16.30 – 19.30

People live here:


It is famous for:

The university teacher Rosario Alagna dei Baroni di Mothia (1853 – 1924)
The painter Antonio Sanfilippo (1923 – 1980)
The journalist Corradino Mineo (1950)
The actor Claudio Undari (1935-2008)
The politician Nicolò Tortorici (1870 – 1942)


Sagra della cipolla rossa, food festival

Chocolate’s Festival nel Belice a Partanna

How to get there:

By Car:

From Trapani

Take Via Marsala/SS115 and Raccordo Autostradale to A29dir/E933. Continue on A29dir/E933. Take A29/E90 to SS119 in Partanna. Take exit S. Ninfa from A29/E90. Take Via Papa Giovanni XXIII to Via Risorgimento in Partanna.

By Bus:

Autoservizi Segesta Palermo – Trapani

Ph. 09232006

Autoservizi Segesta Roma – Trapani

Ph. 091300556

Autoservizi Salemi Roma – Trapani

Ph. 0923981120

Autoservizi Lumia Agrigento – Trapani

Ph. 0922/20414

By Ferry:

Linea Tirrenia Cagliari – Trapani

Ph. 0923545433

Linea Grimaldi Tunisi – Trapani

Ph. 0923542470

Linea Ustica Lines Livorno – Trapani

Ph. 0923/873813


Country House Camagna

B&B Spa Centro benessere Solaria


Pizzeria e Sfizi L’Arco

Pizzeria Rustica  

Via Antonello da Messina, 20, 91028 Partanna TP

Ph. 0924 921312

Pizzeria “La Montagna”  

Via Palermo, 240, 91028 Partanna TP

Ph.0924 88409

Pizza Express 

Via Torino, 28, Partanna TP

Ph.0924 88481


Porto Palo (AG)

Spiaggia Lido Fiore (Menfi)

Spiaggia Tre fontane (TP)

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