Province of Catania

Paternò is an ancient village located in the province of Catania well known for its wonderful Norman Castle and Pietralunga Roman Bridge.

The foundation of Paternò is dating back to the Sicani domination who built the current town on its volcanic area. Later, Siculi conquered the village in the 4th century BC naming it Hybla Gereatis. They took advantage from its fertile territory to extract lava rocks creating working tools and grinders. Various historians have formulated various theories on what might be the origin or the meaning of the name of the village. The first theory explains that it derives from a Byzantine word and the second one says it derives from the Greek word “Ep-Adernòn” which refers to its proximity to the Greek village called Adernò.
The most important monuments of the area are the Basilica of Santa Maria dell’Alto which displays a wonderful Romanic style; the Church of Santa Barbara, a sacred building erected in the 16th century, has a majestic facade enriched by stuccos and decorations. The church has one nave with a Greek cross plan completely covered by impressive frescos and stuccos. Here it is possible to admire the relics of the saint with a collection of golden jewellers donated by faithfuls; the Norman Castle, considered the symbol of Paternò, is located on the top of the hill where visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the surrounded natural environment and its coastline. It was built on the ruins of an ancient Arab fortress and Normans used the Castle as an important stronghold from which they could protect and monitor their colonies and the Roman aqueduct. The castle also includes the Chapel of San Giovanni Battista which was considered as a fascinating example of religious Norman building dating back to the 13th century.

Close to the village, tourists can visit the ruins of a Pietralunga Roman bridge which is one of the most complex construction made by Romans in Sicily; it is 23 km long and was built to meet the high water demand of Catania useful for the many spas and the Naumachia, a building used to show the naval battles.

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Ibla Medieval(26-28/06), Medieval Festival

Sagra della Rana, food festival

Festa di Santa Barbara, (3-11/12) holy celebration of the patron saint of the village                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Carnival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on A19 PA-CT, exit Gerbini

From Catania

Grt on SS121, exit Paternò

From Messina

Get on A18 ME-CT, exit Misterbianco and take SS121, exit Paternò.


Country House Gianferrante  Resort dell’Etna

Resort dell’Etna  

Masseria La Pergola

C.da Iaconianni, S.N.

Mobile: +39 333 486 0143

Domus Verdiana 3*

B&B 5 Sensi 3*

Motta Residence Hotel 4*

Valle degli Ulivi 3*

Country House Biologico Corte Aragonese

B&B Prima Classe 3*

Hotel Il Conte dell’Etna 3*

Villa Casina dell’Etna



Pizzeria Rimini 


Via degli Studi, 14, 95047 Paternò CT

Mobile: +39 324 614 9940

Al Brigante

Via F. Corridoni,  1

Ph. +39 095 622028

Pizzeria Ottavo Senso

Piazza Umberto I, 19/20

Ph.+39 095 623701

Fattoria Jannarella


Piazza Grippa Massimiliano, 3

Ph.+39 095623677

Casale Antico Borgo

Contrada Scalilli, Paternò CT

Mobile: +39 349 776 3764


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