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Patti is a charming tiny village located between Milazzo and Capo Calvà. It includes the wonderful ancient village of Tindari and its famous Sanctuary.

Patti is located in the middle of the Gulf of Patti, including the area going from Milazzo to Capo Calavà. Patti is the fourth most populated town in the province of Messina, after Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Milazzo. It is also one of the most important settlements in the Nebrodi mountains, together with Sant’Agata di Militello and Capo d’Orlando. The history of the village is connected to the ancient Greek-Roman city of Tindari, that today has become part of its suburbs, as well as one of the most important archeological and religious destinations of Sicily. Its old town centre is quite big and it was built on a hill, around the city’s Cathedral.

Close to the village it is possible to visit the charming village of Tindari. Thanks to its location, on the Nebrodi mountains, it has a breathtaking view of the Thyrrhenian Sea and the Lakes of Marinello Nature Reserve. The town was founded by Dionisio of Syracuse in 396 BC as a colony inhabited by the mercenaries who were involved in the war against Carthage. It was named Tyndareus to honour the king of Sparta. In 257 BC, during the first Punic War, the town was the location of the famous battle of Tindari, during which the Roman troops defeated the Carthaginians.

The most important monuments of Patti are the Roman Villa, an ancient villa built during the Roman late imperial age (around the fourth century AC) on the ruins of an older building. Inside this charming construction there are many interesting remains, such as ancient mosaics depicting animals, flowers and geometrical patterns; the Antiquarium contains interesting findings discovered in the numerous graves of the surrounding territory; the Medieval Cathedral is a fascinating holy place where it is possible to admire the precious sarcophagus of the Queen Adelasia, the wife of Roger I of Sicily; the Museum of the Ancient Ceramics includes over 650 ceramic objects characterised by different styles and colours; the San Michele’s door is one of the town’s ancient gates and is considered as  the only remaining part of the old Aragonese town walls built close to the Saint Michele’s church.

Visiting Tindari you can discover its incredible Sanctuary, built in the twentieth century, has a Latin Cross plan, three naves and a semi-circular apsis. It is one of the most important sanctuaries of the whole region. It includes the wonderful statue of the Black Virgin, made in 750 AC, using the typical igneous stone of this area. In the back part of the sanctuary there are the remains of the oldest sanctuary built in 1544 on the ruins of the ancient church, that had been built by Ariadeno Barbarossa. According to the tradition, both the sanctuaries are built on the Greek-Roman area of Tyndaris. From the Sanctuary it is possible to see a wonderful view of the Marinello Lakes and the impressive coastline. Moreover Tindari has an interesting Archaeological area which includes important findings of the ancient Greek-Roman city of Tyndaris, founded by Dionisio of Syracuse and later conquered by Carthaginian and Romans; and the Greek-Roman Theatre, built by Greeks in the 3rd century BC using big blocks of sandstone. Later, Romans modified the theatre adapting it to their games. The cavea’s stairs were dug into the hill’s earth and hosted up to 3000 people. Since 1956 the theatre houses an artistic festival that uses it for many different kinds of shows.

People live here:


Typical food:

Acciughe a beccafico

Gli arancini

La pignolata

U piscistoccu a ghiotta


Pasticciotti di carne

I Cardinali

Le friciulette

Le cudduredde

Le zuccarate

Gli ossi ‘i mortu (scardellini)

Mamertino wine

Valdemone olive oil


Sanctuary of Tindari

Sfizi&Sapori, Christmas food festival

Festa di SanTeodoro Martire, holy festivity

Sagra del castrato, typical food festival

Sagra delle ciliegie, food festival

The Tindari Festival, it is cultural festival with art and music performance

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A20, exit Patti

From Catania

Get on SS113 Messina-Palermo, exit Patti

By Bus:

From Messina


By Train:

Patti-San Piero Patti stop

By Plane:

the nearest airports are Fontanarossa International Airport of Catania, Airport of Reggio Calabria and Falcone Borsellino,Punta Raisi Airport of Palermo


Hotel Ristorante Sacra Famiglia 3*

Villaggio Simenzaru Wild 2*

Mongiove Resort

Hotel Grotte 4*

Hotel Marconi 4*

Piazza Marconi 6/9

Ph. +39 0941 21112

Hotel Club La Playa 3*

Park Philip Hotel 3* superior

Medimare Residence Club 3*

Hotel Villa Romana 2*

Villa Zia Febronia 3*

B&B Casa Rubes 3*

B&B Sciarammola 3*

Le Fornaci Ristorante – Apartments

B&B Arte & Mare

B&B St. Michele

B&B Rocca sul Tindari


Nonna Adele

La Casa del Priore


Via Zuccarello 155, 98066 Patti, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941 362122

Salumeria il Buongustaio

Al Vecchio Carcere

Pane e Vino

Pitstop Buzzanca

Koodoo Ricevimenti

Trattoria Wine Bar Nereo

Hotel Villa Romana

Il Tempo di Giove

La Risacca

Sacra Famiglia

That’s Amore


Carbonella Braceria

Antares S.R.L

Via Capitano F. Zuccarello, 98066 Patti, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941 368718

L’angolo nascosto

Via Fratelli Cervi 18, Patti, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0941 362009

Panineria la Boutique Del Gusto

Via Nazionale 14, Tindari, Sicilia, Italia

La Locandina

Bar del Pellegrino

Ristorante Tyndaris

Il Giardino Greco

Ritrovo Oleandro 

Via Teatro Greco – Tindari, 89066 Tindari, Sicilia, Italia


Tindari beach

Patti beach

Mongiove caves

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