Province of Catania

Pedara is a tiny village located in the province of Catania and it was founded by Normans which is famous for its Black Chuch.

There are no news about the origins of the first village of Pedara because the frequent lava flows have erased all the traces of its incredible past.
The only information discovered about its foundation are dating back to the Normans domination, when the village was included in Catania’s vineyards. In the 15th century, after two violent eruptions, the inhabitants began a migration to the coastline founding the current old town centre of the village. In 1641 the feudal town was sold to Domenico Di Giovanni, becoming an important centre of economic and social activities. The village has two important holy places, the first one is the Basilica of Santa Caterina, built in 1547, is a wonderful example of “Black Church”. Due to the frequent eruptions, the church was renovated in 1682 and 1705. The interior includes impressive frescos made by the artists Giovanni Lo Coco and Mattia Preti, polychrome marble altars, impressive sculptures and embroider vestments.  The second one is the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate which holds a collection of ancient paintings made in the 13th century, a wooden crucifix dating back to the 18th century and the Saint’s simulacrum created in the 16th century.

People live here:



Sagra del Fungo(17-18-24-25/12)

Sagra dell’Iris e dell’Artigianato (30/10-2/11)

Festa di Maria SS Assunta(Septemer)

How to get there:

By Car: 

From Catania

Get on western tangenziale, exit Paesi Etnei, Gravina di Catania, S.G. Galermo, S. Gregorio.

From Messina

Get on A18 ME-CT exit Giarre, Acireale

From Palermo

Get on A19 PA-CT exit Paesi Etnei or Gravina di Catania.

From Fontanarossa Catania Airport

Get on Tangenziale, exit Gravina di Catania, continue to Mascalucia, exit Pedara.


Grand Hotel Bonaccorsi 4*

Via Luigi Pirandello, 2

Ph. +39 095 916853

B&B Parco dell’Etna 

Via Serra, 36

Ph. +39 095919257

Cristal Sporting Club & Hotel  3*

Belladonna Concettina & C snc 1*

B&B Belvedere 3*

Via delle Ginestre, 76

Ph.+39 095-915331

B&B La Vite 3*

B&B Pedara 3*

B&B Acanto 2*

Via Monte Po, 48/21

Ph.+39 095/919290

Mobile: +39 348/2461791

B&B Sotto il castagno 1*

B&B Alba Chiara 2*

B&B Campione 3*

B&B Nicolosi 2* 

B&B Zia Santina 1*

B&B Delia 5* 

Luna Lunedda 3* 

Etna Den 

Via Monte Po’, 59

Etna Modern Suite  

Via Giovanni Grasso, 16 M

Monaci delle Terre Nere 4*

Santa Caterina Hotel 4*

Ibis Styles Catania Acireale 4*

B&B Aloisio 3*

Airone Wellness Hotel 3*


La Coccinella

Piazza Don Diego, 38-40

Ph. +39 095916610

Rosso Etna

Via Rua S. Antonio 1b, 95030 Pedara, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 347 674 2617

La Tana del Lupo

Ristorante Pizzeria Dea Bendata

La Cantina del Corso

Bella Donna

Spirito Divino

Via Altavilla, 20, Pedara CT

Ph. +39 095 780 4348

Antichi Sapori di Sicilia

Via Ercole Patti, 83

Mobile: +39 340 990 3801

Big Ben Pub

La Terrazza di Pedara

Via tondo, 14

Ph. +39 0958265543

Amuri e Sapuri

La Bussola


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