Petralia Soprana

Province of Palermo

Petralia Soprana provides lots of traditional events such as the celebrations of the patron saint SS.Pietro e Paolo and the Sagra del Salgemma a Ruffo.

From the town of Petralia Soprana it is possible to admire the impressive panorama of the snowy peak of Etna Park, the city of Enna and charming wide valleys. Its origin dates back to the ancient city of Petra, founded by Sicani. It was included in the civitas decumanae and soon became one of the most important producers of wheat of the Roman Empire. Then in the ninth century it was conquered by Arabs and renamed Batraliah. Otherwise, today the town has a medieval type structure with narrow streets and squares surrounded by impressive buildings that overlook a wonderful belvedere. The most important churches of Petralia Soprana are the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, the church of SS Salvatore, the church of SS. Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, the church of Santa Maria di Loreto.

During the summertime this beautiful village provides lots of traditional events such as the celebrations of the patron saint SS.Pietro e Paolo, that takes place on the 29 of June, the Sagra del Salgemma a Ruffo a gastronomic fair and the Matrimonio Baronale, a historical commemoration where people wear the typical costumes of 1700.

People live here:



Festa SS. Pietro e Paolo, it is the holy celebration of the Patron Saints of Petralia Soprana

Sagra del salgemma a Raffo, it is a food festival

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo:

A 19, exit Irosa, SS 290

A 19 exit Tremonzelli, SS 120

From Catania:

A 19 -exit Irosa, SS. 290

A 19 exit Resuttano, SS. 290

By Plane

Catania or Palermo airports

By Train

Cefalù Station


Hotel Residenza Petra Hotel 3 *

Antico Resort Cerasella

Masseria Sgadari Hotel 4 *

La Casa del Pittore di Petralia 2 *

Corso Umberto I, 127, 90026 Petralia Soprana PA

Ph. +39 335 137 0296

Antico Borgo Hotel 3 *

B&B Eleuthera


Trattoria da Salvatore

Piazza S. Michele, 3

Ph. 0921 680169

Sgroi Bar

via Garibaldi

Mobile: +39 347 4487244

Pizzeria La Scommessa

Boschetto Comunale C.da Pinta

Mobile: +39 334 3281755 and 329 4008986

Ristorante Engium

Bivo Madonnuzza

Ph. 0921 641301

Sapori di Sale

via 1° Maggio, 109 – Bivio Madonnuzza

Ph. 0921 680015

Mobile: +39 328 5747269

Pub Ristorante Pizzeria Marramà

C.da Pozzillo (Fraz. Fasanò)

Mobile: +39 333 3318837

Evolution Bar

Bivio Madonnuzza 151/b

Mobile: 33978888506 – 680547

Ristorante Pizzeria F.lli Giaconia

C.da Cozzo Cullo – Madonnuzza

Mobile:+39 320 6122489

Antico Resort Cerasella

C.da Cerasella


Mobile: +39 339 6128600

A Fuoco Lento

C.da Cipampini

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Agriturismo Masseria San Giovanni

Borgo San Giovanni Sgadari

Ph.0921 680824

Mobile: +39 335 5257895