Province of Messina

Roccafiorita is a little village famous for the Santuario Madonna dell’Aiuto, which is a well known international pilgrimage destination located on the top of Mount Kalfa.

The village of Roccafiorita was founded by Pietro Balsamo and Francesco Bonanno in the seventeenth century. Like most of the nearby towns, it was conquered and inhabited by many civilisations until the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the unification of Italy with Graribaldi and his Mille.
The most important attractions of the village are the Church of Maria Santissima Immacolata, built in 1888 and the Santuario Madonna dell’Aiuto, located on the top of Mount Kalfa, is a famous pilgrimage destination.

People live here:



Sagra del carciofino selvatico, food festival

Kalkafest is a festival dedicated to local food

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A18/E45 to SS114 in Roccalumera. Take exit Roccalumera from A18/E45. Continue on SS114. Drive to SP12 in Roccafiorita.

From Catania

Get on A18/E45 to Taormina. Take exit Taormina from A18/E45. Take Via Nazionale/SS114 and SP13 to SP12 in Roccafiorita.


Hotel Agostiniana 4*

Hotel Baia Taormina 4*


Ristorante La Fermata



Sant’Alessio Siculo

Santa Margherita

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