Rodì Milici

Province of Messina

Rodì Milici includes many interesting cultural attractions thanks to its impressive ancient history.

Rodì Milici has ancient origins dating back to the Prehistoric period and the first settlement was founded by Sicani. In the Middle Age, the village was included in the proprieties of the Monastery of Santissimo Salvatore di Patti and San Bartolomeo di Lipari. Later Federico II gave the administration of the  feudal town to the the Knight of Malta. The most important monuments of the village are the Church of San Filippo, the Church of Immacolata; the Church of S.Maria delle Grazie and San Giovanni Battista was built in the 13th century by Normans; the Necropolis of Monte Gonia is an archaeological sight which includes over ten graves dating back to the Bronze Age; the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sicily contains a collection modern works of art made by famous artists such as Nino Scaffidi, Donatella Moncada, Ugo Zingales, Roberto Sebastianelli, Bonanno, Pavone, Freiles, De Pasquale, Caputo, Nocera and Sciamè.

Close to the village it is possible to visit the Necropolis of Longane, located on Mount Gonia dating back to the 15th century AC, an Ancient Roman farm and the Greek Necropolis of Mustaca.

People live here:



The Carnival 

Antica Fiera mercato di San Filippo, animal husbandry fair

Fiera mercato d’autunno, food, artisan and manufacture market

Degustando, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A20/E90 to SS113 in Barcellona pozzo di Gotto. Take exit Barcellona from A20/E90. Continue on SS113 to your destination in Rodì.


Country House Antica Sena 3*   

Villa Laura Residence 4*   


Hostaria de’ I Vicere’

Al Borgo Antico 

Ristorante Pizzeria Rhodis

Piazza Martino, 8, 98059 Rodi’ Milici ME

Ph. 0039 090 974 1642

Ristorante – Pizzeria Da Tonino  

114, v. Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Rodì Milici, Me 98059

Ph. 0039 090 974 1358


Torretta spiaggia

Capo Tindari

Capo Calavà

Capo Milazzo

Gioiosa Marea

Spiaggia di Rodìa

Spiaggia Calderà

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