San Gregorio di Catania

Province of Catania

San Gregorio di Catania is included in the “Complesso Immacolatelle e Micio Conti” Nature Riserve where you can discover a wonderful natural environment. 

The village of San Gregorio di Catania was founded in 1812 and its was name in this way to honour the Pope who had Sicilian origins. The village has two fascinating sacred buildings: the Mother Church, built in 1620 by Bishop Bonaventura Seguito. After the 1639 earthquake, the church was rebuilt with a Baroque style and the Church of Immacolata is considered as a well preserved example of eighteenth century architecture.
The village is included in the “Complesso Immacolatelle e Micio Conti” Nature Riserve. It is extended about 70 hectares, including the municipalities of San Gregorio di Catania and Aci Castello. The reserve protects a wild area located between Mount Etna and the Gulf of Catania where you can discover impressive system of lava caves with rare bat colonies.

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Easter Celebrations 

Festa di San Gregorio Magno, it is the celebration of the Patron Saint of the village

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on A18dir to Via Ulivi/SP3/I in the village


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