San Martino delle Scale

Province of Palermo

San Martino delle Scale is part the district of Monreale, located close to its namesake, the Benedictine monastery.  Thanks to the cool temperature and to its mountainous landscape it is one of the most appreciated places by the citizens of Palermo. The Benedictine Abbey of the village, is very famous for its manuscripts and library, and it hosts the well known Abadir Academy of Restoration. Moreover a lovely attraction of this charming village is the Spring Festival (Festa della Primavera) where monks honour a very old tradition by releasing all the tiny birds cared for during the winter, to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The beaches near this town are Mondello and Addaura.

People live here:



Its natural environment

Spring Fest, traditional festivity

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Take E90 to Via S. Martino. Take Via S. M. 22 to Strada Provinciale 57/SP57 in Monreale. Slight left onto Strada Provinciale 57/SP57.


Hotel Ristorante San Martino


La Locanda Del Graal S.R.L.

Via Cardinale Dusmet, San Martino delle Scale PA

Ph. 091 418671

Hotel Ristorante San Martino

Forneria Messina

Pizzeria di Chiara 

P.zza P. Semeria , 4, 90046

Le Case del Priore

Al vecchio mulino  

via Cardinale Dusmet, 1, San Martino delle Scale


Mondello beach

Addaura beach