San Pietro Clarenza

Province of Catania

San Pietro Clarenza is a medieval village with Muslim origins. It is well known for its Mustard Festival.

The origins of San Pietro Clarenza date back to the first centuries of the Middle Age, coinciding with the arrival of Arabs from North Africa.
The first information on the existence of the village are provided by a Latin inscription on the main entrance of the Church of Saint Catherine, which dates back to 1316. Unfortunately in 1669, a volcanic eruption completely destroyed the ancient town and radically changed the geography of the area. The name San Pietro Clarenza was added in 1779 by the noble Giuseppe Mario Clarenza or Chiarenza who bought the feudal town rebuilding the old town centre. Visiting the village, you can discover two wonderful sacred buildings: the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Church of Madre di Santa Caterina which was built in 1316 with one nave including a precious wooden Crucifix and an inlaid pipe organ.

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Mustard Festival( 12-13/09) the village dedicates a two days festival to celebrate the Sicilian traditions and its ancient production of mustard.

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on A18 (Messina-Catania), exit San Giovanni Galerno


Hotel La Fenice 4*  (Belpasso)

Sant’antonio Garden Hotel 2* (Nicolosi)

Hotel Alle Pendici  3*  (Nicolosi)

Hotel Villa Michelangelo 3*  (Nicolosi)

Hotel Borgo Verde 3*  (Catania)


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