San Salvatore di Fitalia

Province of Messina

San Salvatore di Fitalia is a small village which is well known for its ancient history and cultural attractions.

The first settlement of San Salvatore di Fitalia was founded by Roger I in the Middle Age. Later the feudal town was acquired by Vitale Alvisio from Messina. Like most of the nearby villages it was dominated by Spanish until the unification of Italy. The most important cultural attractions of the village are the Cathedral of Salvador Mundi was built in the Byzantine period. The church was completely transformed in the 18th century adding precious Baroque decorations; the Santuario of San Calogero, built in the 19th century; the Religious Traditions Museum includes a collection of objects which  illustrate the importance of the Christian religion in some parts of Sicily; the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, erected in the 17th century, contains a wonderful Norman triptych and an highly decorated altar.

People live here:



Chestnut festival

Honey Festival 


Water sports

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A20 Messina-Palermo and then take SS113, exit San Salvatore di Fitalia


Country House Casali di Margello 5* 

Country House Villombrosa 3* 


Floridità Ristorante Pizzeria

C/Da Piano Mazza, 98070 San Salvatore di Fitalia(Me)

Mobile: 0039 393 9724978


Capo d’Orlando


Sant’Agata di Militello

Gioiosa Marea

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