Santa Margherita di Belice

Province of Agrigento

Santa Margherita di Belice includes impressive findings dating back to the Sicani, Greek, Roman and Byzantine dominations.

The village of Santa Margherita di Belice was founded in 1572 by Baron Antonio Corbera. The recent archaeological digs uncovered impressive findings which testify the presence of Sicani, Greek, Roman and Byzantine settlements. Baron Girolamo Corbera changed the name of the village in Santa Margherita in 1610.

The most important monuments of the village are the Gattopardo Villa, built in 17th century, includes impressive fountains and a wonderful garden; the Palazzo Filangeri, also known as Gattopardo Palace, hosts the town hall, the Gattopardo Museum, the Parco Letterario Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and the S.Alessandro Theatre; the Gattopardo Museum honours the famous Sicilian writer, Tomasi di Lampedusa, displaying his handwritten book, letters, documents, pictures and all the materials taken from the film directed by Luchino Visconti in 1963; the Museo della Memoria is part of the ancient Mother Church and it contains over 100 pictures showing how was the territory before the violent 1968 Belice earthquake.

People live here:



Sagra del Fico d’India (10-11/10), it is a food festival which celebrate the prickly pear cultivation

Fiera di Settembre (3-5/09), traditional agricultural fair

Festa del SS Crocifisso, holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on SS624 to Sciacca, exit Santa Margherita di Belice

From Agrigento

Get on SS115 in Villaseta from Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Strada Statale 189/SS189 and Viadotto Akragas/SS115qtr. Follow SS115 to Strada Statale 188 dir/B/SS188bis/SS624 in Sciacca. Take exit S. Bartolo from SS115. Follow Strada Statale 188 dir/B/SS188bis/SS624 to SS188 in Santa Margherita di Belice.


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