Santa Marina Salina

Province of Messina

Santa Marina Salina has an ancient history testified by the impressive archaeological findings uncovered in the area.  

The village of Santa Maria Salina was founded in the 4th century BC by Greeks. Today it is possible to visit impressive archaeological dating back to the Greek and Roman domination. In the Middle Age, the feudal town was ruled by Giuseppe Solimma and later by Alessandro Galletti. The village obtained its own autonomy in 1909. Visiting the village you can admire the beautiful eighteenth-century Mother Church with its distinctive bell towers and lots of interesting museums such as the Ethno – anthropological Musuem, the Archaeological Museum and the Wine Museum. Thanks to its ancient history, Santa Maria Salina has three impressive archaeological sights: Portella, Baron, Mastrognoli.

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SalinaDocFest, Documentary International Festival

Underwater excursion 

The Secca of Pollara is located within an underwater crater and is full of yellow sponges and rock faces where you can meet crabs and eels;

The Secca del Capo is a deep rocky area rich in rare fishes

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How to get there:

By Hydrofoil:

From Milazzo

Siremar – Ustica Lines

From Messina, Palermo, Cefalù and Reggio Calabria

Ustica Lines 

By Ferry:

From Milazzo

Siremar – N.G.I. 

By Helicopter:

By Plane:

the nearest airport is Falcone-Borsellino Punta Raisi Palermo Airport


Hotel Capofaro 5*

Hotel Santa Marina 4*  

Hotel I Cinque Balconi 3* 

Hotel Arcangelo 3* 

Hotel Ristorante Mamma Santina 3* 

Hotel Punta Barone 3* 

Hotel A Cannata 3* 

Hotel Mercanti di Mare 3* 

B&B La Palma 1*

Hotel Il Brigantino e La Goletta 3*

Il Delfino Hotel and Restaurant 3*

Hotel la Salina Borgo di Mare 4*


Ristorante A Cannata 

Il Delfino Hotel e Ristorante 

Hotel Ristorante Mamma Santina 3* 

Il Gambero 

La Vela 

Salina Motion

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Pizzeria La Cambusa

Via Lungomare Notar Giuffre’, 1, 98050 Santa Marina Salina ME

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Porto Bello 


Santa Marina Salina