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Sciara is part of the Mount San Calogero Nature Reserve, where it is possible to discover a lush Mediterranean vegetation and some rare animal species. 

Sciara was founded by Baron Filippo Notarbartolo Cipolla in 1671. He built the Castle as well as the most important buildings in the old town centre, including the Church of S.Anna, erected to honour his wife Anna Sandoval. The most important cultural attractions of Sciara are the two Churches of Sant’Anna, the first one was built with a Neo-Gothic style, the second is now the modern Church of Sciara, and includes impressive works of art created by the Sicilian artist Emilio Tadini. Close to the village in Mount Castellaccio Archaeological area, it is possible to discover many impressive ruins dating back to the 5th  and 6th century. This tiny village is part of the Mount San Calogero Nature Reserve.

People live here:


Typical food:

Dairy products



Sagra del Verde, food festival

Cavalcata di Sant’Eligio traditional holy festivity

Fiera del cavallo indigeno siciliano

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on SS 113, exit Termini Imerese; take SP 21 exit Sciara.


B&B “Villa Dos Reis” 

C.da Burgitabus

Mobile: +39 3284672552

Country House Fontanarossa  

Strada Statale 120, km 13,7 Località Fontanarossa, 90010 Cerda, Italia

Ph.+39 0916717444  Mobile: +39 3343558350 and +39 3209770220


Country House Baglio Archirafi 

Contrada Costa di Sulla, 90020 Sciara PA

Ph.091 899 4063

Agriturismo La Targa Florio (Cerda) 

Villa Splendore (Cerda)   


Termini Imerese


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