Sclafani Bagni

Province of Palermo

Sclafani Bagni has an interesting and charming Castle located on the top of a rocky outcrop.

Sclafani Bagni was an ancient Greek village and it name means Temple of Peace, because of a Temple of Minerva built in the location of Ambica. The tiny village has an interesting and charming Castle located on the top of a rocky outcrop, you can even visit one of its massive towers. Framed by the Bosco di Bomes and its lake, Scalfani Bagni has an amazing undisturbed environment, offering amazing views of hills, mountains and caves preserved in the Bosco della Favara Nature Reserve. In addition, Parco delle Madonie is responsible for preserving more than half of the Sicilian plant species such as the Abies nebrodensis which is dying out; and it is home to an abundance of Sicilian wildlife. For this reason the park has been included as a European Geopark since 2003.

People live here:



Sagra della Porchetta, food festival

Sagra del finocchietto selvatico e salsiccia, food festival

Sagra della Fruazzedda e da Vastedda Fritta, food festival

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Get on A19 Palermo – Catania, exit Scillato

From Catania

Get on A19 Palermo-Catania, exit Tremonzelli

By Train

The nearest stations are:

Cerda (21 km)

Termini Imerese (40 km)

Cefalù (53 km)

Palermo (83 km)


Fontana Murata Hotel 4 *

B&B Caltart

Via Machiavelli, 12, 90022 (Caltavuturo PA  )

Ph. +39 333 448 4469

Mandriagiumenta Turismo rurale Hotel 2 *

Le case di Cardellino Country House 4 *


Four Roses

Alter Ego Cult