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Scordia is an ancient village rich in fascinating monuments such as its Neoclassical and Baroque churches. 

The village of Scordia was founded by Siculi in the 5th century and later conquered by Greeks, Romans and Byzantine. In the Middle Age, the village was acquired by Virgilio Scordia.
Today the village is one of the most important producer of citrus in Sicily where thirty companies, in winter, are involved in this important production.
The most important holy places of the village are:
the Church of Purgatorio, built by Antonio Branciforte, which includes a wonderful main altar and some well preserved paintings dating back to the 18th century; the Church of San Giuseppe displays a Neoclassical style with one naves and five majestic marble altars. The dome of the church is enriched by a series of incredible frescos made by the Sicilian artist Giuseppe Barone; the Church of San Rocco, built with a Latin cross plan, has impressive frescos and stuccos made in the 19th century; the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore shows the typical Sicilian Baroque and includes precious stuccos and frescos.
In the old town centre it is possible to visit Palazzo Branciforte, an ancient building founded in 1628 with a huge private garden, which includes the Ethno – Anthropological Civic Museum and Historical Archive “Mario De Mauro”. The Museum displays a large and interesting collection of artefacts, tools and other documents (photographs, manuscripts, printed publications) related to the pre-industrial civilisations of the village.

People live here:

17. 205


Festa San Giuseppe(18-19/03), traditional holy festivity                                                                                                                         Festa della Madonna della Stella (5-8/09) traditional holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A18 to Catania, exit San Gregorio, take Tangenziale to Siracusa. Continue on SS 114 and then on SS 194 exit Caltagirone. Take SP 29/1 exit Scordia.

From Syracuse

Get on A18/E45. Follow A18/E45 to Strada Statale 194/SS114dir/SS194 in Carlentini. Take exit Lentini-Carlentini from A18/E45. Continue on Strada Statale 194/SS194. Take Strada Provinciale 16/SP16 and SP28i to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi/SP82 in Scordia.

From Catania

Get on SS192 and Strada Statale 417/SS417 to Strada Provinciale 69ii/SP69ii in Lentini. Turn left onto Strada Provinciale 69ii/SP69ii. Turn left onto Strada Statale 385/SS385. Continue on Strada Provinciale 197/SP197. Drive to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi/SP82 in Scordia

From Enna

Get on A19/E932 from Strada Provinciale 2 Enna Kamut, SS121 and SS117bis. Follow A19/E932 to Paternò. Take exit Gerbini from A19/E932. Take Strada Statale 192/SS192, SP74/ii, Strada Statale 385/SS385 and SP29 to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi/SP82 in Scordia.


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