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Ucria is a tiny village characterized by a wonderful natural environment. 

Ucria is a small village located on the top of the Nebrodi mountains, 790 metres above sea level, and has a stunning view of the surrounding natural environment. The first settlement was founded by Greeks and later conquered by Arabs who named the small town “Kerya” which means “Village”. Thanks to its position, the feudal town achieved great importance in the Middle Age as an important stronghold.
The most important sacred buildings of the village include the Mother Church which is dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle and was built in 1625 with a Renaissance style. The church is characterised by a majestic main portal made with local sandstone, four chapels and two magnificent columns topped with Corinthian capitals. The excellent arrangement of columns allows you to admire the eleven altars and its chapels from any location. Second to the Mother Church is the Church of Madonna del Rosario, erected between 1720 and 1750 by the Dominican friars. Its interior includes a highly decorated ceiling with ancient frescos and an amazing mosaic made by Nico Nicosia.
The village also provides some interesting cultural attractions such as the Pedagogical Museum of Arts and Youth Creativity; the Traditional Sicilian Arts Museum; the “Gianpistone” Papier-mâché Museum; the “Antonino Gullotti” Ethnohistorian Museum.

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The territory of Ucria is famous for its amazing production of mushrooms. Each year the village provides the Sagra dei Funghi, a food festival that attracts chefs and tourists from all over the world. Here it is possible to taste the excellent risotto cooked by the Mycological Association.

Festa Madonna del Rosario, holy festivity

Easter celebrations



Mountain biking

How to get there:

By Car: 

From Messina

Get on Autostrada A20 Messina -Palermo, exit Brolo-Capo d’Orlando Est. Continue on S.S. 113 to Palermo. Take S.P. 146bis to Sinagra. Follow S.P. 139 exit Randazzo. Continue on S.P. 139, exit C.da Pardo, Ucria.


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Country House Pardo                                                                                                                                                                                      http://www.agriturismopardo.it/

Country House Pietra


Trattoria “Trovato Sebastiano” 

C.da Minissale

Ph. 0941 664218

Trattoria “La Rocca” 

C.da Rocca S. Marco

Ph. 0941 664228

Ristorante – Pizzeria “La Baita” 

C.da Piano Campo

Ph. 0941 664252

Trattoria “A Barracca du Rizzu” 

C.da Piano Campo

Ph. 0941 664576

Ristorante – Pizzeria “Kerya” 

Via S.Antonio del Prato

Ph. 0941 664011


Testa di Monaco Beach, Naso

Gioiosa marea

Capo Calavà

Marinello a Tindari


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