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Valledolmo is a medieval village rich in cultural attractions. 

The charming village of Valledolmo is located in a marvellous valley close to Mount Campanaro and Mount Cammarata. Valledolmo was once called Valle dell’Ulmo (Elm Valley) due to a massive Elm tree found in the main square of the village. Giuseppe Cutelli founded the village in 1650 after buying the land from the famous Sclafani family. Later the baron Antonio Cicala constructed some of the most important buildings of Valedolmo such as the Mother Church, a mill and the majestic chapel bell which is considered the symbol of this tiny village.
The main cultural attractions of Valledolmo are:
The Church of Anime Sante, built in 1654 by baron Antonio Cicala; the Mother Church, dedicated to the Immacolata Concezione; the Church of Maria SS. della Purità; the Baglio Castellana, an ancient feudal building erected by the count Cutelli characterized by a stunning cloister.

People live here:



Giornate dell’Agricoltura, food festival

The Carnival

Sagra del Pomodoro, food festival

Sagra dell’Uva e Festa del Vino, wine festival

Sicily Music Contest

Sagra della Spiga food festival

Sagra della ricotta e dei formaggi, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on Autostrada PA-CT exit Scillato; then follow the Autostrada PA-AG, exit Manganaro.

From Agrigento

Get on Autostrada PA-AG, exit Manganaro

From Catania

Get on Autostrada PA-CT, exit Tremonzelli


Hotel Fontana Murata 4*

Country House Celso 4*


Ristorante Bar Pizzeria MR di Mule Salvatore

Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 97

Ph. 0921-543.497

Ristorante Pizzeria di Chimera Calogero & C.

Via Saponeria, 11

Ph. 0921- 543.406

Ristorante Pizzeria “Malibù” di Vallone Rosaria

Via Garibaldi

Ph. 0921-542.934

Masseria Fontana Murata


Termini Imerese

Campofelice di Roccella


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