Ventimiglia di Sicilia

Province of Palermo

Ventimiglia di Sicilia is a charming tiny village included in the Nature Reserve of Pizzo Cane, Pizzo Trigna and Grotta Mazzamuto.

Located at the foot of Mount Cane, Ventimiglia di Sicilia is a modern village founded in 1627 by the princess Beatrice Ventimiglia. This tiny village is framed by a wonderful natural environment characterised by a few water springs and a abundance of Mediterranean vegetation.
The most important monuments of Ventimiglia di Sicilia are:
The Mother Church, built by the princess Beatrice Del Carretto; The San Felice hermitage; the Nature Reserve of Pizzo Cane, Pizzo Trigna and Grotta Mazzamuto; the Leon Cave.

People live here:


Typical food:

prickly pear


Sagra dell’olio

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on A19 PA-CT exit Casteldaccia. Follow the SP AG-PA and exit Baucina.


Country House Case Varisco

Agriresort  Crapa Licca


Lamagia dei sapori

S.P. 16, Km 11 – C.da Traversa

Ph. 3386436763 – 3895666810

Villa Le Palme

Pizzeria Del Corso

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 104, 90020

Ph. 091 820 9357



Termini Imerese

Altavilla Milicia

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