Province of Palermo

Vicari is a tiny village where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the island and its natural environment.

Vicari was founded in the 13th century by Greeks and later colonised by Romans who built its charming castle. Thanks to its location, the Castle became a famous place where people could find refuge from Barbarian invasions.
The most important monuments of the village are:
The Church of Madonna delle Grazie; the Castle, built by Romans, it was completely reconstructed by Manfredi di Chiaramonte in 1390; the Mother Church of San Giorgio Martire, built in 1200, has a Latin Cross plan with three naves; the Church of San Francesco, built in 1570; the Church of San Vito built in the second half of the 16th century; the Church of San Marco, built in 1500; the Cuba Araba also known as Cuba of Ciprigna, is considered one of the most important proof of the Arab’s presence in Sicily.

People live here:



Sagra della Mandorla, Almond festival

How to get there: 

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on Autostrada Palermo – Agrigento, exit Vicari


La Rocca


Pronto Pizza 

Via Vittorio Emanuele, Vicari PA

Ph. 091 821 6006

Ristorante La Rocca (Roccapalumba)


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