Province of Caltanissetta

Villalba is a tiny village which is famous for its summer food festival.

The tiny village of Villalba has medieval origins and it was founded by Nicolò Palmeri Calafato who built the current old town centre. The most important monument of the village is the Mother Church of San Giuseppe, built in the 19th century, is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Villalba and includes precious sculptures and frescos from the 17th century.

People live here:



Festa di San Giuseppe, holy festivity

Sagra del Pomodoro, food festival

Sagra della Lenticchia, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on SS189 to Agrigento, exit Manganaro. Take SS121 to Roccapalumba-Alia-Valledolmo

From Agrigento

Get SS189 to Agrigento, exit Tumarrano. Take SP232 to Villalba

From Catania

Get on A19 to SS121 in Santa Caterina Villarmosa. Take exit Ponte Cinque Archi from A19. Continue on SS121. Drive to Via Interprovinciale/Strada Provinciale 18/SP18.

From Caltanissetta

Take Strada Statale 122/SS122, SS626, A19/E932 and SS121 to Strada Provinciale 231/SP231 in Villalba. Follow Strada Provinciale 231/SP231 to Via Interprovinciale/Strada Provinciale 18/SP18.


B&B Le Serre

Country House Casalicchio 4*

County House Masseria Susafa 4*

Country House Casale Margherita

Country House Monticelli

Country House Mappa

Country House Mandriagiumenta


Il Rubino

Address: Via P.S. Mattarella, 16

Phone: +39 0934 811722

Le Delizie

Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 30

Phone: +39 0934 811229

Mobile: +39 339 2134209

Le Chalet

Address: Contrada San Nicola

Phone: +39 0934 811717


Address: Via Garibaldi n.27

Phone: +39 0934 811155


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