Province of Ragusa

Vittoria has an impressive natural environment including the Natural Reserve Pino d’Aleppo.

Vittoria is the most populated village of the whole province of Ragusa.
The city was founded on a very fertile land called Boscopiano so today it has an impressive natural environment including the Natural Reserve Pino d’Aleppo. Town’s major attractions are the Carob and Rural Civilization Museum, an eco-museum hosting various artisan workshops from the 18th century and the Sacred Art Museum Mons. Federico La China, with a collection of big and small sacred art masterpieces from St. John’s Basilica and other city churches nearby. The Teatro Comunale di Vittoria is an extraordinary neoclassical jewel, which expressive force is strengthened by its location inside the architecture-urban context of the square. It is in fact right next to the late Baroque Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, thus creating a show of shadow and light and dark contrast of exquisite beauty. Another relevant monument is Castello Colonna Enriquez which hosts the Museo Civico Polivalente.

People live here:

It is famous for:
The singer and artist Franco Battiato
The Jazz Musician Francesco Cafiso
The sculptor Arturo Di Modica

La Campionaria Nazionale d’autunno, wine and food festival
Estatemaia , the aim of this is festival is to promote the territory of Sicily
Il carnevale di Vittoria, the local carnival

Typical food:
La pagnuccata, this sweet is made by flour and wine;
‘Mpanate d’agnello, pastry with lamb and beef;
I pastieri, bread with beef and peas ;
L’abbuttunata, the leg of lamb stuffed with minced meat, chopped salami, boiled egg, and potatoes;
The Mustata, a typical sweet;
The Vincotto, boiled must flavored with orange peel;
The pasta reale o martorana: this sweet is made by pasta di mandorla


How to get there:
Comiso Airport
International Airport of Catania (110km)


B&B Ciritorno

Via Madonna Della Salute, N°35, 97019 Vittoria, Sicilia

La casa di Jo Bed & Breakfast

Via San Giuseppe lo Sperso, 35, 97019 Vittoria RG

Ph: 0039 0932 992005

Al 4 Magenta “B&B”

Via Magenta, 4, 97019 Vittoria RG

Ph: 0039 0932 185 0383

B&B Terra del Sole

Hotel Europa 2 *

Resort Villa San Bartolo 4 *

B&B Villa Adriana

Hotel Villa Orchidea 4 *

Relais Parco Catalogna 4 *

Hotel Sul Mare 4 *

Hotel Stella Marina Sicilia 4 *

Hotel Agathae 3 *

Country House Baglio Occhipinti

Hotel Due Torri

Grand Hotel Vittoria 3 *

Hotel Mida 3 *

Hotel Oasi 3 *

B&B Il Gelso Nero 3 *


Ristorante Acqua e Vino

White point Fast food
Via Palestro, 216, 97019 Vittoria RG
Tel: 0932 862328;

Pizzeria Queen Mary
Via Bari, 2, Vittoria RG
Tel: 0932 066332 Mobile: 333 7354831;

Pizzeria O’ Sciality

Ristorante Picchio Verde

Pizzeria Voglia di pizza da Paolo
Via Garibaldi, 224 angolo via montebello, Vittoria
Mobile: +39 333 3744549 & +39 366 8164158;

Pizzeria Al solito posto
Via Cavour, 321 Vittoria

Mobile: +39 377 974 7490;

Punta Ciriga
Punta Braccetto
Torre di Mezzo
Punta Secca

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