210 Grammi Restaurant & Laboratory

Trapani City


The restaurant is taken care of down to the smallest detail: it is magically urban and traditional, offering a warm and relaxing atmosphere. If you pop into Trapani to see us, we will  surprise and satisfy all your senses. The menu is overflowing with good products and displays our passion for excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The flavours are able to seduce the most discerning palates and our dedicated waiters help us make 210 Grammi a perfect place to gather with your family and your friends to enjoy a sophisticated lunch break.


“Life is a blend of pasta and magic”: this is their beloved motto that has encouraged them to create their fresh pasta factory. A magic made of simple ingredients and traditional methods learnt in the course of time. The pasta that they serve today, and that you can buy, is the result of their long history.

Gnocchetti, pappardelle, fettuccine and trenette, but also cassatelle, treccioline and busiate and much more. Want to know more? Go and discover how they make their pasta: the lab is open to visitors.