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Discover a selection of superb flavourful restaurants and places to taste all the best local food. Choosing from our list and begin your personal culinary path along the island, enjoying the ancient and impressive food traditions that characterise each part of Sicily.


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210 Grammi Restaurant & Laboratory

Restaurant: The restaurant is taken care of down to the smallest detail: it is magically urban and traditional, offering a warm and …

Restaurant-Pizzeria L’Antico Forno

L’Antico Forno, designed as a bakery, confectionery and snack bar, now also ice cream, restaurant and pizzeria, is renowned for …


At the centre of Sicily, halfway between Catania and Enna, Daidone was born in 1945 as a small artisan bakery. …


Sixty years old, but it does not look it.  The year was 1953 when Mario Fiasconaro, father of Fausto, Martino …

I Banchi Restaurant

“I Banchi” is a basilica of taste and arts, in the Roman sense of the word: a place serving several …

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