“A Putia” Delle Cose Buone


“A Putia” Delle Cose Buone was born from the passion for good food and fine wine of our family.  The creator is Salvo, lover of country tradition, a staunch opponent of the “culinary progress” and a supporter of the most significant dishes of the Sicilian tradition.

Sicily, which we love because it is rich in culture, gastronomy, flavours and colours, where the diversity of the area, made ​​of sea and mountains, is the bundle of the multitude of peoples who for centuries have allternated in our island.  Therefore, creating a variety of products and natural ingredients, exotic, genuine and unique flavours.

What, then, we will try to do will be to lead by the hand our guests to live with us a simple gastronomic journey, tasty, rich in history and emotions.