Ai Bastioni

Trapani City

The RISTO-SERVICE “Ai Bastioni” is located in the historic centre of the city of Trapani. Run with passion and experience by Chef Salvatore Valenti who offers patrons the benefits of his creativity gained over the years thanks to a variety of culinary training courses.

Food requires as much attention as possible, but it rewards with ceaseless pleasures of the senses. Water flowing through the leaves of lettuce, the knife that splits a watermelon, the fresh scent of summer fruit, the intense perfume of chopped herbs, the seductive smoothness of melting, the resistance against the spoon when the sauce thickens in the pan and the wonderful lightness of Parmesan that falls from the grater and accumulates in soft mounds…

These are just some of the sights and sounds we experience every day in the kitchen, where time goes by slowly and proffers a universe of small satisfactions.

We hope to share these rewards with our patrons.

We also offer a takeaway service and catering for banquets and ceremonies.