Al Gattopardo


The excellent cuisine that is offered in this restaurant, a union of elements of the tradition to new suggestions, draws its strength from a rigorous selection of trying to harmonise the best raw materials, taste, lightness and refinement of presentations.

The creativity, the play on flavours, colours and contrasts are found in every dish on the menu.

The chef takes us through the flavours of traditional Sicilian cuisine, without forgetting the national specialties, offering imaginative variations and new combinations.

Dining at Gattopardo has become so unique and a sensual experience, a journey of the senses, where they join professionalism and poetry, rigor and love.

A symphony, where typical products of Sicilian cuisine and excellence of our country, join carefully selected wines in a never predictable or banal way.

Thanks to a rich and prestigious cellar which houses more than a hundred of the best Italian and international labels, the wine will not be a simple accompaniment of the meal, but it will become an integral part of enhancing and amplifying the flavours.

The final notes of the meal are reserved for gluttons and delicious desserts, carefully selected by the chef to cater for all tastes, from the invigorating lemon sorbet to the vaporous and delicate parfait with chocolate almonds.

The result of this alchemy is a joy for the eyes and a sublime pleasure for the palate.