Altamarea Restaurant & Club

Pantelleria Island

Altamarea is the experience you’ve always wanted.
And like all great experiences, you will want to live it again, and share it, then live it again.

Nestled in the magnificent island of Pantelleria, overlooking the Port of Scauri, Altamarea is the seafood restaurantlounge bar and disco club that will tempt you with its enticing cuisine, original cocktails and the coolest Mediterranean nightlife.
The culinary tradition of Pantelleria is reflected in the constant need for experimentation. From morning to night, from breakfast to dinner and beyond.

Yes, because Altamarea is also all about nightlife: The Club organises evenings with DJs from around the world, live music and DJ sets to make you dance the night away to the beat of your emotions.
What are you doing at the door? Come in and get comfy. This is just the beginning.