Aria Restaurant


The restaurant Aria is located in the heart of the city, close to the historic market “Strata’a foglia”.

We offer a blast from the past where the perfumes and flavours mingle with the culture and historic identity of the city.

The Aria kitchen devotes a look at tradition, revisiting and enhancing it at its best.  Following the passing of the seasons and cycles, a different menu is designed to match the fresh produce to the creativity of the chef, who always proposes new ideas to his guests.

The excellence of the raw materials, creativity, and experimentation in the combinations are the ingredients to arouse an emotion to which surrender nicely.

Aria is a suspended world where elegance, harmony and taste come together in a delicate balance, a corner dedicated to the lovers of Mediterranean cuisine where recipes are often embellished with a creative and original touch.

There are also some traditional Sicilian dishes.