Country House Restaurant Zinedi

Pantelleria Island

A culture, a civilisation and, of course, an entire island can be discovered by sitting at a table. Especially when the island is Pantelleria, with its flavoursome and original wines and food.

The Zinedi restaurant, a family-run business, welcomes you on a large covered terrace and offers you Pantesco recipes. The specialties are numerous and all delicious such as caponata (fried aubergines, tomato sauce, pine nuts, raisins, onions and celery), hors d’oeuvres with vegetables, Tuma (a fresh local cheese), or mature cheese with grapes jam. Fresh fish couscous, grilled and baked fish, ravioli with ricotta cheese and mint and finally delicious local cakes like “baci”, “mustaccioli”, “pasticciotti” and almond pastries served with a glass of excellent Passito di Zinedi.