Dakoky Sushi Fusion Restaurant


Young entrepreneurs inspired by the particular Japanese cuisine for some years in Syracuse are present, lovers of oriental flavours and local delicacies renovated in exclusive style.  The solid experience gained, allows us to satisfy the most demanding palates.  Dakoky Sushi Fusion in town brings a new way of entrepreneurship into the restaurant business.  Always ready to satisfy demanding and loving customers of a serene opportunity to relax and enjoy unique and inimitable dishes.

Ensure a high level of quality and protect the customer, this is always the goal of Dakoky Sushi Fusion.  In fact, it has recently married the ideals of the “Slow Food” for a return to authenticity, the things grown, processed and cooked with love, patience and dedication.  To achieve this goal, our chefs have included the preparation of some dishes of certain ‘Slow Food Presidium’ products to please our guests.