Dorian Art Cafè Restaurant


Dorian was born in Palermo on a new concept of Restaurant Art Café, a modern kitchen associated with the cocktail bar, exhibitions, artistic performances, and live music.

Our kitchen offers proposals to continue to discover new dishes, thanks to the constant search of flavours and combinations of our chefs, always starting from our robust Mediterranean flavour notes.

From our land of the sun, dishes meat and fish, cheese, vegetables, revised and presented in a more refined way but also in the most possible satisfactory way in terms of quantity.

We offer a wine list well-placed between VIN and to the Regional National, from Nero d’Avola to the most prestigious Italian and German Gewurztraminer, great Barolo, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and French Merlot.

Let us guide you in your pairings, we would like to interpret your palate with new tasting proposals.