E Pulera Restaurant

Aeolian Islands/Lipari

The restaurant takes its name from the columns (pulera) typical of  Aeolian-style architecture: an architectural feature of Aeolian houses, they are positioned on the terrace around the house and are intended to support a pergola with hanging grapes. This structure once also had the function of sheltering the walls of the houses from the sunlight in summer, and in winter when the plants remained leafless, it allowed the sun’s rays to heat the walls. At the base of the columns there were the bisuoli (stone seats), on which the Aeolians used to place a pillow when they wanted to take an afternoon nap.

The restaurant, opened in 1973, offers authentic recipes from the Sicilian and Aeolian tradition, characterized by the many herbs and spices used to enrich the seafood on which our cuisine relies, with special flavours and aromas. We only use seasonal products, mostly local organic vegetables and the fish caught in the waters of the Aeolian islands and the Sicilian sea: scorpion fish, mupe, local shrimp, lobster, swordfish, squid, sardines, anchovies, amberjacks…

The Sicilian culinary tradition is revisited in part with recipes such as pasta with sardines, pasta alla Norma, enriched by the addition of almonds, pasta with sauces made ​​from wild fennel, noodles with a sauce made ​​of tuna and pistachios, pasta with squid ink, stuffed sardines, tuna meatballs with mint in a tomato sauce. Among the steamed dishes the “candy Swordfish” is greatly appreciated or whay about a steak of steamed swordfish, covered with orange leaves, served with an orange sauce and almonds and garnished with thin strips of steamed potatoes. Also the pendenti di glicine (literally, wisteria blossoms) – zucchini flowers stuffed with fish, cottage cheese and mint, battered and fried – and the bluefish rolls with wild fennel sauce are very popular.
To perfectly complete your meal we have a great selection of desserts such as nacatuli, spicchitedda, cassatieddi, giggi, and much more awaits you before the coffee.