Gusto Misto Restaurant & Pizza

Caltanissetta City

The cultural association “Gusto Restaurant Misto” was founded in 2010 as a result of the passion for cooking and the love for the great produce of our land. This led us to start an association to help us convey such dedication through the good elements of local traditions and the desire to merge with other features of our environment, as well as to exchange culinary experiences, with a particular focus on products from the American market.

We serve over a hundred sourdough pizzas topped with quality ingredients.

Our traditional fritters (mixed with chickpea flour) and croquettes (made ​​with potatoes) are superb.

American culture has arrived in Caltanissetta! The great cheeseburger prepared with Sicilian veal, local vegetables and homemade sesame bread.

We have been combined chicken wings and chunks with Mediterranean herbs and among the specialities you should definitely try are the fried pizzole.