Il Brillo


Since 2006, the owners and staff of Il Brillo, a restaurant in Caltanissetta, have undertaken to make the quality and courtesy, designed in all their shades of meaning, the aim of the activity.

The owners Alex and Silvia have created a stylish and friendly local’s hub and it is the tradition and the pursuit of quality products, to present to the customers the meat and fish dishes in a unique and healthy way.

The restaurant Brillo in Caltanissetta is a pizzeria and wine bar, it is refined, warm and very welcoming, with outdoor tables where eating takes place on sunny days in summer.  The Brillo is also a restaurant with no architectural barriers and has ample parking for customers’ vehicles.  The Brillo is the place to be for celebrating events and special occasions: New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day and even banquets, birthday parties, graduation parties or dinners.